The Process


“It’s a formula I developed that works,” says Jack Intrator, vice president and master broker of Restaurant Leasing. “I create a strong alliance with a top broker in each market where the franchisees have been expanding and then allow them to perform a market analysis demonstrating traffic patterns, demographic and competition analysis so when sites are presented they are presented in a professional but clear manner to the franchisees who often have little knowledge of the process or market conditions. It’s a process of close communication and it works.”

Jack, accredited as a CPM®, RAM® and ARM®, uses a management style that fosters open communication with team members and clients knowing when to inject himself when necessary. “It’s important to always let your team know that you stand behind them and allow them to carry the ball to the end zone. You could be a great manager but you need to know when to let others shine and receive the credit they deserve,” notes Jack.

For New York Bagel Café, Jack has developed and launched a National Corporate expansion strategy, which he is presenting throughout the market via his professional affiliations and connections/contacts throughout the United States. The key is to find the opportunities and capitalize on those opportunities within each specific market of operation. He attributes much of his success and expansion to using his large network of partner brokers.


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