The Process


yofresh2.jpgYo-Fresh continues to bring on new Franchisees and Jack Intrator, recently signed up two new Franchisees  and they are in the site selection process now.  The Market is getting tight but there are still opportunities.  If you are thinking of getting into the market, now is your time!

Unlike other brands, Yo-fresh has put together a formula of success. When a franchisee makes that first call to Jack W. Intrator, they are presented with the facts, a market overview together with the intrinsic costs to start up an operatin, and unlike other concepts, the costs are made clear.  Did you know that Yo-Fresh does not charge continued royalties?    That is big considering a new operator wants to keep the investment basis limited.

With more than 20 years of site selection experience, and NOW franchise sales, Jack Intrator knows the market. Call today and begin the franchise process!

Jack W. Intrator CPM, RAM, ARM  


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